Our Process
Use our proven 6 step process to create your exceptional video
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1We research your business

We start by understanding you and your business, getting a clear picture about the key messages you want to communicate. We also look at who your target audience is and what the desired appeal we will be to viewer.


2We craft your script

Our content writers then translate everything into a script that captures the essence of your message. The script is crafted based on the fact that it will be complimented by animated visuals.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                

3We create a storyboard

The script is then converted into still visual imagery or 'storyboards' that help simplify and explain your message. These are a series of sketches or vectors that reflect the progression of the animation and highlights the key events.It also gives you a good idea about the flow, and timing of the animation. This is a crucial step in the process as it is the key to simplifying the idea into images that everyone can relate to. We will give you up to four revisions to ensure you are fully satisfied before you sign off and move to the next stage.

4We record a voiceover

We have an awesome team of professional voice over artists who can breathe life into the script like you never imagined. A professional voice over is a very important element as it adds that crucial sensory layer and gives the animation it’s soul. We can provide voice overs in either English, New Zealand, Australian or American accents. Our voiceover artists offer a variety of styles so you can be sure to get a voiceover that suits your video.                 

5We add music

We will provide a high quality audio track to act as the backing for your video. You will have the option to choose from four different tracks. We also add sound effects to bring your video to life.

6We create your video

We then use the storyboard as a guideline to produce an engaging dynamic animated video ready to be embedded on your website or hosted through Vimeo or YouTube. Our turnaround times can be as quick as 2 weeks.